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Moonstar reveals herself as an old friend, yet stays affiliated with the MLF. Rictor hears about problems with his family down in Mexico and travels down with Cable and Domino. The family mistakes Cable for Stryfe and attacks. Rictor must abandon his family again since he won't condone the family business of dealing in guns.


In Shinobi Shaw's Swiss chalet, Dani Moonstar removes her mask in front of her friends. They are shocked to see that it is really her and somewhat disappointed that she both chose to join the Mutant Liberation Front and not tell them she was back from Asgard. Moonstar merely states that she has her reasons for being with the MLF. X-Force allows her to depart.

As Moonstar leaves, Shatterstar approaches Rictor and informs him about a news story on television. Rictor takes a look and finds that his uncle and cousin got shot up in Mexico. Shatterstar inquires as to Rictor's past and learns that Rictor is the son of an arms dealer. Rictor admits that, despite how he feels about his family, he's got to return home to support his gun-running family.

In the kitchen, Cable tries to talk Paige Guthrie into returning to her farm because he doesn't have the tools to train her. She refuses. She also admits that she doesn't want Cable's help, she wants help from Charles Xavier.

Outside, Magma breaks it to Empath that she is not returning to Brazil. Empath is hurt, as he thought the two of them shared something special. Magma reminds him that the only reason they did was because he manipulated her mind. He leaves in a huff and X-Force offers Magma a ride to England (her recently discovered real home) on their way to the United States.

Cable and Domino accompany Rictor to Mexico. The leaders wait outside for two reasons: 1) Give Rictor some privacy with his family. 2) Cable looks like Stryfe, who killed Rictor's father. Rictor is warmly welcomed by his family and chats with them for about a half hour. The reunion is broken up, however, when a relative sees Cable and confronts him. The entire Richter family rushes out side and pulls a gun on Cable (thinking Stryfe has returned to kill them all). Rictor shakes everyone to their senses and then leaves, expressing his disgust for the family business.

Rictor visits his cousin Omar at the hospital before leaving town. Omar wants some guns smuggled in so that he can escape the cops once he's feeling better. Rictor refuses and once again turns his back on his family. Outside the hospital, he tries to tell a youth to quit pretending to play with guns and to use his brain instead. The kid doesn't listen and Rictor leaves his home again.

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