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Continued from New Warriors #45. X-Force takes Fitzroy out and uses his slave, Bantam, to back-track. They find Shinobi Shaw and learn of the Gamesmaster's central base of operations. The New Warriors confront Creed and also draw closer to learning the truth behind the Younghunt. Those captured wake up to a Hellions/New Mutants reunion, but the Gamesmaster is more than willing to ruin the moment. Story concludes in New Warriors #46.


Cable allows X-Force to attack Trevor Fitzroy. Warpath, however, finds a little mutant man trying to flee. Warpath captures him and presses the little guy, Bantam, for information. Bantam finds portals for Fitzroy to travel through. All Fitzroy needs to do is absorb a person's essence to power up the portal. Warpath calls Cable over and the two agree that they should take a portal to find the people responsible for the Younghunt. Cable first calls out to Rictor and Siryn to fluctuate their powers to find the frequency on which Fitzroy's suit operates. He then synthetically covers his techno-organic arm. Once Fitzroy's suit is no longer protected, Cable takes a swing at Fitzroy. Fitzroy grabs Cable's arm and attempts to suck the life out of Cable. Unable to find flesh, Fitzroy's powers turn on himself, opening a portal. X-Force jumps through and Paige Guthrie follows, despite her mother's protestations.

Elsewhere, the Gamemaster admires his captives with a jealous awe. Justice arrives and delivers Firestar on behalf of Shinobi Shaw. Gamemaster confronts Justice about Shinobi's plans to take the Gamemaster down and shows Justice the stasis chamber in which his friends are being held. If anything happens to the Gamemaster, they all die.

At Graydon Creed's office, the New Warriors make themselves most welcome by throwing a bin through his office wall. The New Warriors threaten to expose Creed as a willing mutant cohort if he doesn't tell them where their friends are being held. He agrees so as to save face with the Friends of Humanity. He points them to a Swiss chalet.

In Tokyo, X-Force leaps through the portal and into Shinobi Shaw's bathroom. X-Force none-too-subtly convince Shaw to give them the Gamemaster's whereabouts. He points them to the same Swiss Chalet. Cable bodyslides the team immediately.

In that Swiss chalet, Karma wakes up and frees everyone. After pulling Cannonball off Moonstar, Karma explains that she used Siena Blaze to mask their arrival to take down the Gamemaster from within. The gig is up, however, as the Gamemaster saw the plan and co-opted Siena as his own. Siena arrives and blasts the mutants into submission. The Gamemaster revels in the fact that the game seems to be drawing to a close.

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