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The Upstarts commence the Younghunt in which they hunt down former members of the Hellions and New Mutants.

Story continues in New Warriors #45.


Brazil: Magma is accosted and subdued by the Fenris twins. The two then set their sites on Empath, but he seems to reach them first. He manipulates the troops accompanying Fenris and the twins have no choice but to fry the men they hired to help them in their game.

The Hellfire Club: Justice attends a lavish party under the guise of being a Shinobi Shaw confidant. Night Thrasher approaches him and confirms their fears that a dangerous game is being played in which former members of the New Mutants and Hellions are being targeted. They have more snooping to do to find out why.

Kentucky: Warpath and Siryn land after their trip to Ireland to rejoin their X-Force teammates. Shatterstar and Rictor inspect a pond while Cable and Domino hear a first-hand account of Cannonball and Boomer being abducted. Paige Guthrie explains how an energy blast hit the two and then a girl showed up and disappeared with Cannonball and Boomer.

Mindscape: The Gamemaster calls a meeting to encourage the Upstarts, the players of a little game, to get moving. Three targets have been acquired and points have been allotted accordingly. The combatants are Hellfire members Sienna Blaze (the snatcher of Cannonball and Boomer), Graydon Creed, Shinobi Shaw, Trevor Fitzroy, and the Fenris Twins (the snatchers of Magma).

Brazil: Fenris hounds Empath to a resettlement camp outside of Nova Roma. He refrains from commandeering any minds to come to his aid and simply hopes to reach the camp on his own. He doesn't and gets blasted by Fenris. They then blast the resettlement camp. Before they can take Empath hostage their minds are assaulted by Dani Moonstar, a self-proclaimed target of this perverted game.

Kentucky: Cannonball's mother explains to Cable that she doesn't want Paige joining any X-Men schools or fights. Cable explains that Paige is old enough to figure that out for herself. Cable is suddenly called by Domino and he meets up with the team at the IPAC. Trevor Fitzroy simply asks to spare him a fight by handing over Warpath and Rictor. Feeling no need to answer, X-Force prepares for a fight.

Hellfire Club: Shinobi explains to Justice that the game being played could seriously injure past members of the Hellions or New Mutants. For this purpose, Justice should somehow lure Firestar to Shinobi since he could promise the gentlest care. Justice leaves to seemingly do just that.

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A review for this issue and the arc in general: For some reason, this just doesn't seem like a good enough reason to have brought these two teams together. X-Force and the New Warriors have already shared time together in a book (back when the Hellions were buried). The events from the old story almost mirror this one. The old story dealt with Nova Roma and the members of each team that had ties to the Hellions. This time, we get Nova Roma and members with ties to the Hellions... and the New Mut...

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