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In Ireland, Siryn and Warpath take a holiday, but Siryn only fills her time with more drinking. Warpath enlists an old friend of Siryn's to get her help. An alliance is made between Warpath and Juggernaut, as each only wants what is best for their friends. In the end, Black Tom's origin is discussed and both he and Siryn are able to get a little closure.


Warpath and Siryn have been in Ireland for two weeks and Warpath feels like he is spinning his wheels in helping Siryn exorcise some of her demons. He turns to one of Siryn's childhood friends, a reporter named Kelvin Doneghann. The two can't discuss much of Siryn's problems because neither has ever known how to approach them. Instead, the conversation turns to Siryn's uncle (or, more appropriately, her second cousin) Black Tom Cassidy and his current status as a runaway criminal after blasting the family lawyer into a temporary residency in the local hospital.

At the family home, Siryn shrieks through the garden. It had been one of Black Tom's favorite places and she guiltily relished the idea of destroying something so easily that took painstaking effort to make in the first place. She passes out. Warpath finds her and carries her inside and puts her to bed. Hours later, Siryn wakes up and scolds Warpath for meddling. He is very frank with her, however, and asks how she can expect help from her friends when she has already given up on herself.

In a pub, Kelvin meets with the Juggernaut to learn more about Black Tom. The men begin rehashing the history of the Cassidys. Both Sean and Tom were in love with Maeve Rourke but Tom's life was too carefree and Maeve ended up marrying Sean. Sean soon became an INTERPOL agent. Maeve had a child and died before Sean came back from one of his missions and Tom kept the baby hidden from Sean as a sense of revenge, especially after Sean blamed Tom for failing to protect Maeve. Tom then turned to a life of crime while trying to shield the child - Theresa - from his lifestyle.

At Cassidy Keep, Siryn explains to Warpath how she became burdened with her drinking problem. As she got older Tom felt that he couldn't continue hiding his life from Siryn and he shipped her off to a boarding school. Siryn began drinking with some of the girls and began to enjoy the feeling of self-destruction. She blamed herself for Tom's criminal activity and continued drinking to escape.

In Kelvin's office, a FAX comes through from the French laboratory that worked on Black Tom. Kelvin discovers that Black Tom is slowly deteriorating, which could be the cause of his recent lapses in judgement. He commits to helping by enlisting Warpath to meet with the Juggernaut. The men meet in a church and call a truce. Warpath informs the Juggernaut about Black Tom's condition and the deal the government is willing to cut upon Black Tom's surrender - they'll give him the care he needs to survive. The Juggernaut agrees to deliver Black Tom to the one place he knows that Tom won't put up a fight.

Maeve Rourke Cassidy's grave: Siryn says a few words before Black Tom reveals himself. The two have a mildly heated discussion about Black Tom's motives, but Siryn is ultimately successful in getting him to admit that he has been largely responsible for how he approached life. Siryn determines to take control of her own life and dumps her liquor. Black Tom follows suit and allows himself to be taken to jail. Warpath and the Juggernaut meet one last time and the Juggernaut asks if Warpath is ready to give up a romantic relationship with Siryn since she seems to be looking out for herself now. Warpath affirms that he just wants to do what's right for her as a friend.

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