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Garbage Review No 001

Everything I've been reviewing the past few months has been great, it's time for that to change... I just found a stack of early-mid 90s books. Let the games begin!

Lets take a trip back to when I was 12 years old, shall we?
NAFTA started, Cobain killed himself, George Foreman becomes the world's oldest heavyweight champ, and I bought X-Force #30... what a sad year.
But, look who's on the cover... Adam X-Treme! Man, he probably loves Stone Temple Pilots... Just like me! Seriously though, this issue sucks. Look at the cover for christ's sake! Adam is looking right at the reader, almost winking at them saying, "Dude, come on... Generation X for life! Slackers rule! I got Shatterstar's sword, just buy the sh!t already!"
Ok, the book is written by Nicieza, sounds about right.... And drawn by... Wait... I can guess...

  • Disappearing backgrounds: Check
  • Feet hidden by smoke/word bubbles: Check
  • Everyone stands in a fighter stance, even when hanging out: Check
It's gotta be Rob Leifled.... Let me check....
Tony Daniel? WTF? I love this guy now, especially his Batman run, and this book looks like a Leifeld wannabe....

Ugh, it's awful, I want to puke. Lets get back to the awful writting... I like Fabian's work, now, not back then. And after reading half of this cameo-packed book, I've realized he was high, probably on opium. Don't believe me? Look at the issue page... There is no reason this many characters need to be in an issue roughly about four people. And to boot, Arcade is the main villain. What was wrong with me? I had an "X" addiction, I bought everything with an "X" in the title.

You know what the only saving grace is in this book? The ads. Lets go through some of the best ones:
  • Wayne's World 2: I'm from outside of Aurora (where the movie supposedly takes place) so automatically, I saw it three times in the theater.
  • X-Men Mutant Gear: Marvel comics meets 90s hip-hop culture.... Awesome
  • Eternal Champions for SEGA: A more forgetable 2d fighter... It sucked
  • Fleer Ultra Football Cards: which comic nerd likes sports? Back then, everyone...

Hope you guys enjoyed the first of many Garbage reviews.

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Posted by VNU

best review ever :D

Posted by Renchamp

I was about to write my own review that encompassed the two issue arc for Arcade's mobile Murderworld, but this review suffices.  The only reason I gave it two stars was because the issue segued into a much better Nicieza story of Siryn in Ireland.  Other than that: yikes.


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