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Siryn is in town and is the first to battle the Juggernaut and is defeated with the help of Black Tom. Sunspot wants to take out Juggernaut and Black Tom, but Gideon makes him wait for the right moment. X-Force arrives and attacks Juggernaut, or at least tries to. Black Tom has a duel with Gideon and Sunspot and prevails until Cable arrives.

Oddity: Siryn calls Black Tom her cousin on a couple occasions. This seems odd because he is her uncle. This designation, however, is appropriate, as some parts of the world use "cousin" to denote a close blood relation.

Story continues in Spider-Man #16.


With a portion of the World Trade Center taken hostage by Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut, Siryn approaches the building in hopes of stopping her uncle. The men are in cahoots with Arianna Jankos in a scheme to extort money from assembled billionaires to keep her international company afloat. Upon approaching the roof, Siryn is met by her old friend the Juggernaut. It's a brief fight, one in which the Juggernaut gives Siryn a pretty nasty punch. Having established a sonic shield, Siryn readies another attack. The Juggernaut, however, is joined by Black Tom. Siryn's uncle has no problem blasting her off the roof. Attempting to regain her composure, she's joined in the sky by Cable and X-Force's aircraft. Cable invites her aboard, provided that she wants to do what the local authorities are too afraid to do: confront the madmen head on.

Inside, Gideon and Sunspot, two of the assembled men of wealth, discuss a plan of attack. Sunspot grows weary of waiting, but Gideon tells him to be patient. Black Tom and the Juggernaut stroll in and scoff at any plan the could come against their intentions.

Aboard X-Force's ship, Cable and Siryn enjoy a quick reunion. He then proposes that she join their little band as they attempt to retake the World Trade Center. Siryn is in. The first move: Warpath launches himself from the aircraft and tackles the Juggernaut. The two men topple from the roof. Some of the hired goons for this operation are in awe at the move, but others are more in awe at the rest of X-Force's similar leap to the roof (Boomer, however, was left to fly the aircraft). The guards are quickly taken out and X-Force moves into the board rooms, taking the building floor by floor.

Back inside, Black Tom sufficiently provokes Gideon into an altercation. Gideon is tagged by Black Tom's ability to shoot energy. Sunspot then gets a turn. He gets a few good hits in, but Black Tom is able to use his energy projection in close range and gets Sunspot to submit. Black Tom is then shot int he back by Cable. Never one to be defeated, Black Tom alerts X-Force that anymore rash moves and heal blow up the building - a threat evidenced by a detonator in his hand.

On the ground, Warpath and the Juggernaut continue to exchange blows. It's a fairly even fight. Spider-Man swings by and, seeing the fight fruitless to join, decides to check on the hostages upstairs. Before he can, though, one of the towers explodes.

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