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As X-Force searches for their missing teammate, wolfsbane strikes and she isn't taking prisoners! But the Purifiers have more than an ace up their sleeve-they got the deck stacked! And when Wolverine, X-23, and Warpath learn the truth behind Risman's nefarious plan, no one is safe, and no one is guaranteed to get out alive!

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The Heads of Killers! 0

X-Force is a great X-title. Wolverine, Warpath, Wolfsbane, and X-23 make for great characters. Even though Rahne has been on the sidelines since first issue. The thing about this issue focuses more the villains this time.The Purifiers plan to eradicate mutant kind goes propels along as Bastion looks to resurrect past mutant genocide humans. And the interesting thing to me was the mutant body count for each of the villains was shown...Bolivar Trask wow...I guess the Sentinels were the...

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X-Force 3 0

Three issues in and I'm still not entirely sure what I make of X-Force. I have mourned Kyle and Yost moving on from New X-Men to this new book and we've been hurtled into quick paced scenes and bloody violence. The writers have already established Warpath's ambivalence with his new role of bloodletting and have continued to explore X-23's dark nature. But there's so much going on and that both intrigues and exacerbates.The Purifiers are good villians, though, like AIM, like Hydra etc, I never...

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