renchamp's X-Force #29 - Toy Soldiers review

So, So Lame

I'll say the one good thing about this issue: Siryn and Warpath have key character moments here. It takes up two to three pages and it is sad and great (especially considering the masterful treatment of the situation X-Force #31 - Cry Uncle!). But that, my friends, is all.

The majority of this book focuses on Shatterstar and a pimped out Arcade in his pimped out arcade. This could have been interesting, but Mat Broome's terrible artwork doesn't allow the story to breathe. For one, Arcade shows Shatterstar the person responsible for hiring Arcade in the first place. As Broome has done before, he doesn't show the key element of the panel. Shatterstar shouts "Major Domo!" Supposedly he sees an image of the bloodthirsty man from Shatterstar's home world and is not just shouting the name as a curse word (which he has certainly done before). It's confusing. It's disappointing. It makes the contract seem flimsy, which really undermines the story.

Why is she the only thing worth looking at in this whole issue?

As before, Broome's general artwork makes everyone look the same. All the men have lumpy faces. The oddest thing, however, is particular detail in a captive woman. She looks way hotter than a distressed woman should. Perfect chest-thrusting pose. Perfectly ripped shirt to bare the midriff. As a man, I don't mind this kind of pandering. But when it is so far removed from the rest of the art quality - lame. Let's spend as much time on the whole issue and not just a panel of eye candy.

In addition, Shatterstar is presented this odd scenario and immediately complies with all of Arcade's demands. Even worse, Adam X shows up and the two square off for a fight. But didn't these men just meet under similar circumstances and end up kind of liking each other? The execution of this issue is questionable and it makes me wonder if Fabian Nicieza was just buying time before the cross-over he was doing with the New Warriors in two more issues (which is also questionably executed).

In sum, this title has some great issues to its name; this one is definitely not one of them. (And stop using Mat Broome!)

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