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Reignfire proves to be pretty powerful and roughs up X-Force. Shatterstar cuts off one of Reaper's hands again. Riegnfire tries to turn Feral on her team and proves successful. Sunspot vanishes due to Lucus's teleport.


As Feral makes her escape with Henry Peter Gyrich, Reignfire lords over Cable with his dialogue of mutant domination. Cable, having heard the sermon a hundred times before, lashes out and hurls Reignfire or a ledge and directly in front of Feral. Reignfire asks Feral to follow her instincts and join his cause. Cable interrupts and Feral leaves with Gyrich.

In another part of the base, Shatterstar stands over a once again de-handed Reaper and glares at Wildside who has Siryn at his mercy. Shatterstar drops his sword and steps back. Wildside advances and grabs the sword. Shatterstar begins exercising his little-used mutant power of resonating vibratory shockwaves through his sword. Wildside is shocked to see Reaper blown up by the discharge. Warpath throws Forearm into the fray before Shatterstar can finish his fight with Wildside.

In yet another part of the base, Cannonball is still reeling from Moonstar's psionic arrow. Sunspot and Boomer are afraid to retaliate in case Moonstar actually is their old friend Dani Moonstar. This same reservation doesn't stop Moonstar from hitting Boomer with an arrow. Sunspot throws friendship to the wind and fires back with a solar blast. Locus tries to teleport Sunspot away but he counters her and the fight becomes a jumbled mess.

Outside, Feral and Gyrich make their way to the IPAC. Gyrich, however, can't help but push Feral's buttons and she snaps. Tempo shows up just as Feral leaps to kill Gyrich and slows time to get Gyrich clear. Things once again become a jumbled mess when each fight around the base makes its way outside. Amidst the ruckus Reignfire once again finds Feral and further prompts her to choose his side. Sadly, she decides to do so and once again lunges at Gyrich to kill him. She is stopped, however, by a shot from Cable who is truly sad to see one of this charges defect. Reignfire calls for a retreat while abandoning Tempo. He orders Moonstar and Locus to enjoy some target practice on Gyrich. Sunspot exerts himself and manages to fly. He gets in the way of the attacks. The feedback from Locus, however, causes she and Sunspot to disappear. Gyrich is grateful to be spared but can't help but voice that his opinion of mutants hasn't changed. Cable realizes that their mission wasn't worth the hassle and decks Gyrich in the face. X-Force leaves him to find his own ride home.

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