haydenclaireheroes's X-Force #28 - Last Stand review

The messiah for the mutants is here


The cover is really showing a religion aspect of it. It is showing that she is rising like Jesus did. She is the messiah to the mutants. I really liked the cover. The art was also great on the cover.


The X-force team comes back to the present from the future everyone comes out alive except Cable. Bastion still does not think it is over to kill Hope and is going to do everything in his power to kill her.   Hope remembers from the future when she was talking to Cable about when she will feel her powers. He said it will switch on and it will feel like you are on fire and when you are first lit everything will change. Hope asked if Cable ever felt that and he said when he held her. Hope thinks this is all Cyclops fault. The golden gate bridge breaks because of Bastion. Hope gets up and she acts like a soldier. Hopes powers start to come to protect herself and to fight. Then she hears in her head what Cable said that she will feel like she is on fire. Hope destroys Bastion and she rises to the mutants.

Best Part

The best thing about this issue was the love she had for Cable. Hope says that Cable is the only thing she had. Which was true and Cable made her survive not just because of the protection he provided but, because of the life lessons he taught her.

Worst Part

There was no worst part in this story.


The art in this second coming title is the best out of all them. It is perfect and there is never a mistake. I feel that you can really see what Hope is feeling just because of this art. You can see that she really is hurt.

Pick it up or not

Pick It Up!!!!       

Posted by Dark Noldor

For me there was a bad part: Colossus throws a punch with his bashed arm (left) in Lang or Creed.

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    This is a great issue of X-Force. The fantastic foursome of Kyle, Yost, Choi & Oback create greatness once again.    Now there are two things that kinda make this issue meh: 1. It's utterly predictable. We all knew the character that dies was gunna bite it, we all knew Hope was gunna unleash her powers and the day is saved. #2 is that SC has just gotten dare i say...tiring.  ...

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