edwardwindsor's X-Force #27 - End of the Line review

Xforce once again best second coming book

So far in the second coming rac the real major big hitting issues in terms of actual arc plot easily fall into the last two xforce books. Twenty six "the previous issue" had the very well handled and widely predicted death of Nightcrawler and this issue once more kicks the fighting up another notch and brings some real tension and emotion to the second coming arc.
The Good
Once again the xforce team combine both steller visual work with excellant writing , this issue even has a prelonged section of utter silence that shows just how deep that a talanted artist can convey all the needed information with just the expression of the charecters and the the manipulation of the environment. Not that the writing wasnt up to its usual high standard,  the conversations between characters both capture the mood of the situation and the relationships between them perfectly. The whole issue brings up several issues that will be watched with great intrest form any xmen fan.
The Bad
I challange anyone to find a major fault with this issue, the art and writing as said above are simply flawless. The only complaint anybody can have is that the next xforce is sometime away.
5/5 i cant see any reason to not award it the best it can get, just hope more of the second coming books cna get to the xame level as the current xforce team is producing steller work from all envolved

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Posted by SC

I miss this incarnation of X-Force, I know the current is pretty good as well, I just preferred the art, characters and writing in this book, and you pretty much nail why lol 
Great review! 


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