jlat89's X-Force #26 - Second Coming: Chapter 5 review

"I assume it's bad."

Second Coming comes to X-Force.  In the effort to get Hope to Utopia, one will fall ensuring her safety.  

What You Need to Know.

 Hope and Cable are back.  Bastion is the big Baddie (as of now).  A member of the team is in critical condition and another has already died, not to mention Illyana, who has been transported somewhere the X-Men don't know.  Scott and Emma are directing the team.  Cerebra is out, but the enemy has it's own version.  The team splits up to bring Hope to Utopia.

The Good

 5 Chapters in and this event has yet to miss a beat.  The way each book flows one to another is something that perplexes me to no end.  It's really brilliant.  
Craig Kyle and Chris Yost continue the trend of not losing focus, while still highlighting the characters of the book. 
 In a lot of the panels the art was fantastic.
The dying breaths of the character who died is pretty amazing, both written and drawn.  One thing I want to highlight without giving too much away, when the character dies, we see a panel from their point of view, and it's really drawn beautifully.   
The team reaction to the death.

The Bad

 There's really not a lot.  At times the art feels weird, but at times it's brilliant.  
Kitty Pryde is still missing.  

The Death.

 I won't tell you who, but I just want to reflect on it for a moment.  You have an idea who it's going to be halfway through.  But, in my opinion, it's not really cliched at all.  It fits the story well and the response from the team is going to be amazing.  I don't want to be the bad guys when they set up another attack.

The Verdict.

 I'm still amazed 5 issues into this event and it has yet to lose steam.  It's been a wild ride, in the best way possible.  If you're trying to understand this story and pick up here, you need to buy the back issues.  This is really the end for new-reader friendly.  Pick up the other 4 chapters before diving into chapter 5.  Yost and Kyle deliver an awesome script here.  Every issues has made me want to come back for more and this one is no different.  



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