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One Will Die...

 So this is the big death issue!  I will do my best to not spoil it for anyone, but I will say this:  it's a great scene.

This book has some awesome art and inking.  It's probably the best that we've seen so far in Second Coming.  The colors pop off the page in places, and the characters are drawn amazingly.

Picking up from part 04, the X teams are spread out trying to get Hope back to Utopia.  The book starts with Bastion saying it's time for him to go out and fight.  Wolverine's team and Cable are fighting off a group of soldiers while the New Mutants are trying to make it back to Utopia with a badly injured team member.  Meanwhile, Hope, Rogue and Nightcrawler are trying to make it back to Utopia.  All of a sudden, communications die, and Bastion overtakes Hope's small team.  What will happen?!

I've loved Second Coming so far, and it continues the pulse-pounding pace through this issue.  An absolute must read for all X fans.

Posted by Benzo

I can't wait to pick up this issue!!! :D

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

i really do not like x-force but, just because I heard there was a good action scene death I might pick it up next time I am at the comic store. The cover also looks awesome.

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