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Anti-climatic but still pretty good

First off let me follow up on the title, yes this storyline seems to end a little abruptly but I've never really been too invested in Necrosha to begin with. When you look at it on paper "16 million reanimated mutants rise from the dead leading to Selene becoming a god" seems like this should be HUGE! But I've never really felt like Necrosha was anything but a stop gap until second coming. 
Either way I've followed the story and the things I've enjoyed consistently have been the art and Warpath. I know some have said the art is a little dark but I think it suits the dark tone of the book, and I love how things like Blink's pink hair and Cyclop's eyebeams contrast on the page. Now as for Warpath, I wasn't fully aware of the character prior to X-Force but I've really grew to like this guy. He struggles with actions on X-force a lot more than the other characters (except Elixir who I'll come back to) but when it comes down to it he'll do the job as he does in this issue. The problem I had was he just made it seem too easy, after all the difficult battles in the rest of necrosha the final battle seemed like childs play. 
Best part about this book was Elixir & Wither's battle, even though it wasn't a physical punch up it had great writing. Really enforcing the history between these two. I know not a lot of people like Elixir but I'm definitely a fan, there's potential for him to go one way or the other. Ultimate good guy or supreme bad guy, his powers mean he has the choice to give or take life. Putting him on teams like x-force could really push him into the latter category and Logan's comment towards the end points to some potential good stories in the future.  
So if you've been following X-force, specifically Necrosha I'd say buy this but if not maybe wait for the next arc.


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