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After X-Force returns to their base in Arizona having rescued Rusty and Skids from The Friends of Humanity they find that their former leader Cable has returned and is a changed man. It isn't long before Exodus shows up and wants Cannonball and Sunspot to accompany him to Graymalkin to talk with Magneto, Sam and Roberto agree to go only if Boomer and Rictor go with them along with Rusty and Skids who have been altered by Stryfe, when they reach Graymalkin they find that Magneto has renamed it Heaven. To prove that he means the members of X-Force no harm and only wants them to join him Magneto heals Rusty and Skids but Magneto doesn't know that Sam has activated a tracking device and that the rest of X-Force is on the way to the ship to rescue their friends and that Sam only agreed to go with Exodus to get help for Rusty and Skids. After being healed by Magneto Rusty and Skids decide to join him bu the other members of X-Force refuse and when Cable and the others arrive a fight ensues and X-Force is transported back to their ship and return home minus Cable who stays behind to try and destroy Graymalkin by activating the self destruct program on the ship but is caught by Magneto, they engage in a monstrous battle and Cable is almost killed but manages to escape and return back to Camp Verde where the other members of X-Force await.

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