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X-Force frees Rusty and Skids from the Friends of Humanity. Domino agrees to work with Copycat to find X-Force.

Error: X-Factor #89 is referenced as when the MLF was taken down. It was really #85.


A government transport vehicle is stopped in New Jersey by a woman who looks an absolute mess. The guards exit their vehicle and inform the woman that they can only call for help, as they can't stop too long. The woman quickly zaps the men with an electro-magnetic scrambling pulse. The men are effectually taken out. Men in black clothes emerge from the shadows and pump the transport vehicle with armor piercing shells. They get through and see that the extra men on transport duty are unconscious. One of the black suited men steps forward and addresses the two people being transported. He states that while some people are willing to look to the side while the mutants terrorize the world that Friends of Humanity are not willing to do the same. He then takes Rusty and Skids into custody to pay for their acts of terrorism against humans.

At Camp Verde, Cannonball watches while the rest of X-Force returns with Siryn, Boomer, and Warpath (recently rescued from the Externals). After ensuring that everyone is okay, Cannonball has everyone suit up. Feral can't believe that they have another mission and Cannonball assures her it is to help friends. As the former captives get changed, Cannonball says that they need to ready their IPAC by removing Crule so they can rescue Rusty and Skids. Rictor and Sunspot have to admit that they have already removed Crule from the IPAC. They were afraid that Crule would sufficiently heal while in their custody so they dumped him in the Pacific Ocean. But not to worry - is body cast floats. When everyone is ready Cannonball tells them that the Friends of Humanity, an upstart anti-mutant group, has taken their friends into custody. Sunspot seeks clarification: weren't Rusty and Skids pardoned due to being brainwashed? While this is true, it's a delicate situation and that's why Professor Xavier wanted to include them in the rescue.

Val Cooper can't believe that Professor Xavier thought it best to include X-Force in rescuing Rusty and Skids. Xavier explains that X-Factor couldn't do it - you can't have government issue mutants taking down a group of humans. Also, the X-Men are too scattered to muster for the mission. Val eventually agrees that they have no choice but hopes that X-Force will do an effective job so as not to exacerbate mutant/human relations.

In Massachusetts, Domino is being restrained by Grizzly. Having found Copycat, Domino wants nothing more than to put a bullet in her brain. Copycat, however, is able to help these members of Six Pack find X-Force. Before they head out, Copycat puts a few more laser blasts into Sluggo and Deadpool. Domino and Grizzly are shocked out how Copycat could just cold-bloodedly shoot the two mercenaries. Copycat explains that it would take a lot more these blasts to kill the two; she just bought them some time. The troupe leaves in Hammer's Winnebago jet.

Out in space, just beyond Earth, a man floats towards infinity. He stretches forth his hand and magnetically alters an invisible shield around Graymalkin. The man, Magneto, smiles, as he's just found a new home.

On their way to save Rusty and Skids, X-Force watches Trish Tilby explain the events surrounding the arrest of Rusty and Skids. Cannonball then reveals that Rusty and Skids were actually being transported to Xavier's school for treatment. He then relates that this mission is a touchy one; they can't be too rough on the humans because that would simply strengthen the argument against mutants; and they can't be too soft because they have to save their friends. Landing on Plum Island, Cannonball splits the team into two with Rictor as point of the second unit. Siryn has a problem with this, as she usually acted as the second unit leader under Cable. He apologizes. The two units strike at once and surprise the Friends of Humanity. They locate Rusty and Skids (who are still very brainwashed) while doing a thorough search of the house. With the mission so easily over, Cannonball has some time to talk with Boomer about mutant and human relations. If mutants really aren't welcome on Earth then where can they go? X-Force flies away.

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