timrothsays's X-Force #22 - Necrosha: Chapter Three review

Disappointment #22

Well, Yost/Kyle are worthy out of the resurrection-situation. I forgot that the mutant genes were lost in a dead ones too. But it does not make the issue better. C'mon, pregnancy? Wolf pregnancy? Killing wolf pregnancy? @#$% this sh!t. On this background, even the situation with the blade doesn't look so hilarious. And again I got confused who is who (Domino or X-23? Wolverine or Warpath? Angel or Cyclops?)  in this comic because of art. Just can't normally embrace. Seriously, Marvel should shut this series down.

Posted by MichaeltheFly

Well the art is painted, so I guess that's maybe why we see the characters, although I've seen some paintings that where 100 of times better than some comic book art. But you're right it's kinda hard to tell the difference between the characters. Marvel should have got Stjepan Sejic to do Necrosha.

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