rpaolasso's X-Force #20 - Not Forgotten: Part Four review

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I'd give my arm for X23

That's it. . . I have fallen in love with X-23. I have been a huge Wolverine fan for years. I originally hated the thought of X-23 as a Wolverine clone. However, after reading this book, I have fallen in love with this hard core female version of Wolverine. Laura is now one of my favorite characters. (Now I might have to go back and actually read her original books)   

There is nothing like a woman running around with out her arm, ripping out her claws, blowing up some stuff and killing a whole army full of guys with one arm.

Laura is a badass and this is an amazing way to finish this story arch. I look forward for more reads like this one from this series. If you haven't read any of the X-Force at least pick up 17 - 20 they're well worth it. . . . .


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