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Collects : X-Force (1991) # 03, 04 - Spider-Man (1990) # 16

03 - Siryn is in town and is the first to battle the Juggernaut and is defeated with the help of Black Tom. Sunspot wants to take out Juggernaut and Black Tom, but Gideon makes him wait for the right moment. X-Force arrives and attacks Juggernaut, or at least tries to. Black Tom has a duel with Gideon and Sunspot and prevails until Cable arrives.

Oddity: Siryn calls Black Tom her cousin on a couple occasions. This seems odd because he is her uncle. This designation, however, is appropriate, as some parts of the world use "cousin" to denote a close blood relation.

S-M 16 - Spider-Man teams with X-Force to battle with Juggernaut while Cable tries to find Black Tom Cassidy. Gideon tries to pick a fight with Cable.

Note: This issue was presented as a special sideways issue. It was also the last issue Tom McFarlane did on this title.

04 - Spider-Man, Shatterstar, Feral, and Warpath battle the Juggernaut. With team work, X-Force and Spider-Man finally hurt and slow down the Juggernaut. Black Tom and Cable are at a stand off and Cable shoots Black Tom several times. Deadpool teleports Black Tom and Juggy away to his boss and X-Force leaves as SHIELD shows up.

Notes: A pinup by Mike Mignola is included after the story. Also, this issue is a special sideways issue.

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