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With one of their own already fallen, X-Force is out for blood. More blood. And they’ll stop at nothing to bring an end to the PURIFIERS’ plan to resurrect one of the X-Men’s greatest foes… It’s all-out war, with no quarter asked—and none given.

The issue begins with S.H.I.E.L.D. investigating the Purifiers headquarters. The whole place has been blown to pieces.

Earrlier, Mathew Rismann didn't shoot Wolfsbane in the head, he just shot her in the knee. Wolfsbane's also been drugged up on heroin. Wolverine is shouting X-23 to stand down, which she does, but as the Purfiers come to tie her up, she pushes a button of a device she's holding, blowing the place to pieces. X-23 pursues Risman and Wolfsbane, and takes down a bunch of Purifiers by shooting them Wolverine helps Warpath out of the rubble, but Risman gets away with Wolfsbane in a helicoptor.

Back at Angel's mansion , Wolverine shouts at X-23 for nearly killing Warpath and Wolfsbane. X-23 tells Wolverine that retrieving Wolfsbane wasn't her mission, killing Risman was. Cyclops backs her up, and Angel arrives. Warpath tells them about how Reverand Craig has been thought to join the Purifiers, and how he wasn't just Wolfsbane's guardian, he was her father.

Cut to Wolfsbane in a chair, her eyes kept wide open. Reverend Craig comes in and tells her that she's a sin set on earth, and he drugs her again. On the other side of a wall, Risman watches, and Bastion comes to arrives and tells Risman that he's doing everything wrong. He gives him a big lecture about how there is no way to stop the mutant race, but there is actually one chance... Far away a Purifier Submarine relays a message, getting Magus's attention, as he tries to absorb the ship.

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