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X-Force gets new costumes thanks to Boomer. While at the X-Mansion, Professor X tries to convince Cannonball that X-Force is going the wrong way in handling mutant peace.


Boomer looks good and she knows it. She has no problem checking herself out in a mirror, especially now that she has a new costume, courtesy of the X-Men's Shi'ar technology. Lila Cheney walks in and catches Boomer checking out her own butt. She then upbraids Boomer for talking so much (especially since she's simply talking to herself), something that should be discouraged due to her broken jaw. Boomer shuts down socially and derides Lila. Reading between the lines, Lila explains that she and Cannonball are nothing more than friends who had a fling a while back. If Boomer wants, she can go after Cannonball and not worry about getting in the way of any preexisting relationship. Then again, Lila quips, Boomer may not get any time to pursue Cannonball if X-Force goes to jail.

Outside, Stevie Hunter finds Sunspot in a secluded spot by the boathouse. Stevie recalls how the younger mutants seemed to love this spot. Sunspot explains that they would come out there because they knew Professor Xavier didn't like to take his wheelchair that far out - they could be alone with their thoughts. He then explains that he's having a hard time figuring out who he is now. Gideon not only messed him up inside but also changed how he looks on the outside. Stevie hugs the young man as they contemplate what the future could bring.

In the Danger Room, Rictor, Sunspot, and Feral go through a workout. Beast watches and is highly impressed by how good they all are - much better than his team was at their age. He admires their team work and efficiency. Shatterstar, it seems, has even finally learned how to mark positions on the battlefield in accord with the clock. His work seems wasted, however, once Feral mentions that most timepieces are now digital. After their practice session, Feral wishes the other two good luck, as she doesn't plan on being taken to jail.

Elsewhere, two more members of X-Force sneak into a computer room. Siryn isn't too sure about the morality of their mission, but Warpath justifies it by stating that it's just payback. The two are copying all the information the X-Men have in their database so as to make X-Force's job just a little bit easier in taking down the bad guys. Siryn wonders if turning into bad guys to stop bad guys is worth it. Professor Xavier overhears this conversation. His thoughts are interrupted, however, by the arrival of Cannonball and Storm. Cannonball is livid as to why X-Force is still being detained. If the government wants to press charges then they just need to get on with it. Professor X tries to be understanding but loses his temper when Cannonball starts rationalizing the path that X-Force has taken. Cannonball is tired of being babied. He's appreciated Xaver's tutelage - he even learned something from Magneto and Cable - but it's time that he and his team was allowed to try standing on their own.

Just outside of Boston, Tina Valentino gently raps on her guest's door. She asks Vanessa if she is ready to come out after being locked up for weeks. With no answer, Tina walks away. In the room, Vanessa Carlisle, or Copycat, sits on her guest bed naked, still quite shaken from her blow-out with Deadpool and Cable.

On the SHIELD Helicarrier, G.W. Bridge is informed that he is being sanctioned for the incredible screw-up from the Weapon: PRIME mission. Even though it was technically a "see no evil" type mission, SHIELD still lost over $33 billion in assets. Through with bureaucracy, Bridge quits.

Back at the mansion, Boomer designs new costumes for everybody. She even makes one for Feral. The idea is for uniforms that show each person's personality while still exuding a team dynamic. Warpath is pleased that he doesn't have those shoulder pads anymore and, despite the little extra skin showing, Cannonball likes his new zipper-friendly uniform.

On the grounds, Professor Xavier finds Siryn enjoying the changing leaves. She mentions that the colors remind her of Ireland. Xavier asks why she doesn't go back to Muir Island. She reveals her true intentions for staying with X-Force: They are all dead inside, just like her. The Shadow King ripped her apart and this team affords her companionship that she can't find elsewhere. The positive side is that the team is starting to come alive together. It's this prospect that makes the team so exciting to her, as she has no idea where they will be taken.

Back out at the boathouse, Cannonball meets up with Sunspot and tells him to get his gear ready; they are going to leave.

With X-Force gathered in front of Xavier, Cannonball states that the team is ready to leave. The Professor tries to coax them into staying. Cannonball lectures. There can't just be two sides, the open hand and the closed fist. The closed hand is normally associated with violence and destruction. He demonstrates, however, that a closed fist can also hold and protect by producing a mouse from his hand. The open hand is normally a connotation of an extended hand in friendship. It can also be a way to inflict violence. Cannonball attempts to slap Xavier. Stopping him in time, Xavier sees the point and passively accepts Cannonball's views of black and white, and all the grays in between. He allows them to leave.

Outside, Lila Cheney opens a portal to Camp Verde. As the team is stepping through, Xavier informs Cannonball that two of his teammates have stolen information from the X-Men. Enraged, Cannonball is told to do nothing. He must accept this road of compromises that he entered. Cannonball joins the others and X-Force leaves the mansion.

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Every one of my arguments for X-Force being the most consistent X-Title of the ’90s (if not of all time) pretty much stem from this issue. It’s absolutely phenomenal, the perfect example of how you force real gritty human emotion-based drama into spandex.X-Force started as a cash-in move by Marvel to get tons of money off of the gun-toting day-glo angst of the early ’90s. Mix mutants with Punisher ethics and big tits? Uhyesthankyou, hereareamillionvariantcovers. And thanks to Fabian Nicieza’s sc...

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