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Not Forgotten




X-Force picks up with two of the X-Men finding themselves in a predicament. The weak Laura (X-23) has been restrained and is being abducted by H.A.M.M.E.R agents and the weakened Tabitha (Boom Boom) is held against her will in a warehouse. She is rescued by Warpath from her captors. Meanwhile outside the warehouse, near the United Nations building Noriko (Surge) is losing control of her powers; threatening to create a massive power outburst that could possible wipe everything and everyone in her vicinity out but they managed to avoid a catastrophe thanks to Hellion's telekinesis. Wolverine, Archangel and Domino take the unconscious and weakened X-Men back home


Meanwhile, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains Wolfsbane and the Wolf Prince have problems of their own. They find themselves fending off giants.
The H.A.M.M.E.R agents take the restrained X-23 to somewhere called The Facility where he meets a familiar face - Kimura. She loses consciousness but wakes up to a smiling Kimura - her face covered in blood splatters - only to find that her left  arm has been cut off with a chainsaw.




There really isn't much in this issue I think is worth to talk about aside from Tabby, Julian and Noriko's rescue and X-23's capture (we'll get to that later). Yeah, there was teaser page (a dead Caliban with Eli Bard and Wither) but there's just not enough detail in it for me to get excited. 
Now. About X-23's capture. The last few pages of #18 is so amusing for me, I guess in a morbid kinda way. It felt like something that came out of a morbid psychological killer flick. The plain white backdrop and Kimura's twisted smile, the severed arm, the splatters of blood - like something you'd see from SAW or something. All these help make the X-Force title so much darker as it should - because it is a dark title and they are a dark team.

The art is great. Mike Choi and Sonia Oback continues to do a great job. They could make Laura still look so hot despite hanging from one arm while the other is lying on the floor in a pool of her blood. Sick I know, but they pulled it off.  Dom, Logan and the rest of X-Force still look badass as they should, as did the other X-Men. Props to them

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Posted by EternalBiker

but by seeing the cover of this issue  isn't x-23 going threw the weapon x expereiment like wolverine did  ? Is she geting her whole skeleton coated in adamantium ???

Posted by obie1103
@EternalBiker: We don't know. There was no mention of what they plan to do with Laura. All we know is that she's held captive and she would quite possible be experimented on. The cover may simply be the artist's representation of 23's situation

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