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"NOT FORGOTTEN"-The fallout from MESSIAH WAR continues! X-23 is missing, and as horrific as her life has's about to get worse. Elixir knows the truth about the mutant messiah. Wolverine confronts Cyclops about his decisions leading up to the War. Wolfsbane's journey back to X-Force begins. Bastion's master plan gets one step closer to fruition. And if all that weren't enough...Seline's forces are on the move. More action and drama than any one comic has a right to have! Part 2 (of 4)

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SPOILERS AHEAD SynopsisX-Force picks up with two of the X-Men finding themselves in a predicament. The weak Laura (X-23) has been restrained and is being abducted by H.A.M.M.E.R agents and the weakened Tabitha (Boom Boom) is held against her will in a warehouse. She is rescued by Warpath from her captors. Meanwhile outside the warehouse, near the United Nations building Noriko (Surge) is losing control of her powers; threatening to create a massive power outburst that could possible wipe everyth...

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