amber's X-Force #16 - Messiah War Part Seven review

Not a good "ending"

Posted by themaskedhero

Messiah War period didn't make 100% sense. And I agree that this was a very confusing crossover.

Posted by Mr. Wilson

It was good I thought but it was confusing.  The pacing seemed off and I think the writers were not on the same page.  I enjoyed the X-Force issues more but I can totally understand the frustration.

Posted by jboncha

If I remember correctly the reason why the X-Force team members look different throughout this issue is because their bodies are slowly dying once they have gone past the time their time travel devices were supposed to take them back to the current time.

Posted by Amber
@jboncha: Maybe that's how Marvel explains inconsistent and poor art.
Posted by jboncha
@Amber:  No I really think Clayton Crain was supposed to be drawing them so it looked like their bodies were decaying.
I could be wrong though.
I will admit that his art is definitely a little on the dark and pebbly side to begin with though.

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