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Collects : X-Force (1991) # 22, 23 - X-Factor (1986) # 90

22 - Both X-Force and SHIELD make it back to Earth, while Cannonball and Sunspot travel via a space pod. The team looks over the cache of weapons they recovered from Graymalkin. Domino and Grizzly meet resistance at Department K as they try to find Cable. X-Force finds out that Warpath, Siryn, and Boomer are captured by the Externals.

23 - Rictor, Shatterstar, Sunspot, and Feral find Crule so they can find the missing X-Force members. Domino fights Weapon Prime with the help of Grizzly and Hammer. She then finds Copycat and learns how to find Cable's old team. X-Force defeats the Externals and tells them to never mess with X-Force again.

90 - X-Factor is in Genosha and finds that most the mutates have contracted the Legacy Virus.

The shapeshifting mutant and bodyguard to the Genoshan President, Piecemeal, makes his debut. Thats him on the cover with a hole in the middle.

Wolfsbane is emotionally distraught over what was done to her in Genosha and lashes out at Polaris and Moira.

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