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Buy it

Same as my previous review for part 1, the art here is just fantastic. Crain draws people a little differently so it can be an acquired taste, I love it though. 
Storyline wise, once again I love it. Kyle and Yost have got these team books down like no one else, they combine great humour and team dynamics in a team where there's no real deep family-like ties. I love how they're right there on Wolverine's thought processes, he's worrying about Cyclops and he's ready to be the shade of grey that will protect Cyclops. Cyclops' whole attitude in this book sums up how he's being the leader he needs to be, he's making the hard choices and thinking in terms of a whole race's survival not just his team.   
I can wax lyrical all day about this book but I'd rather just say buy it! 
PS Vanisher & Dom are great addition's to the team, they bring the humour that just elevates this book from becoming a depressing dark tale.


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