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Weapon Prime and X-Force have a long battle. Cable rigs his base to blow so SHIELD can't have access to his computers. Gideon experiments on Sunspot.


As X-Force preps their shuttle to find a new base of operations, Weapon: PRIME readies an attack. The team bypasses the security system and, on G.W. Bridge's orders, charge into the base to take Cable and his X-Force team. Upon the breach, Cable orders his team to attack. Each person is to take on an opponent with similar powers while Cable heads out to secure some of his more secret technology. The battle is standard fare: Warpath takes on Grizzly and beats him; Feral takes on Yeti and beats him; Siryn takes on Tygerstryke and beats him by sonically scrambling his suit. Shatterstar takes on Garrison Kane and goes so far as to chop off one of his mechanical arms. Kane simply uses his missing appendage to electrocute Shatterstar to take him out of the fight.

Boom-Boom finds, however, that her match-up is not so cut-and-dry. She gets paired up with her former teammate and friend Rictor. She can't fathom why he still thinks that he has an ax to grind with Cable. Rictor simply tries to sell her on the idea that Cable has turned them all into terrorists. Cannonball zooms in and knocks Rictor down. Just then, Cable begins a mass evacuation of the team's equipment. Bridge uses this as an excuse to slam Cable by stating that Cable is obviously abandoning them - why else would Cable be missing in the battle with their stuff being teleported away. Angered, Cable pumps Bridge full of lead to end the fight.

In New Mexico, Sunspots fate at the hands of the Externals is shown. Gideon, by the hands of Segismond Joshua, plans to push Sunspot's powers to their limit. Joshua is afraid that Sunspot won't survive the intense tests. Gideon looks on without any concern.

With the battle over, Cable readies Domino to be taken back to Tolliver. The base suddenly starts shaking as the self-destruct programming that had been set up seems to be detonating far earlier than planned. Cable and Domino are cut off from the rest of X-Force and Cable makes a break for it. He orders X-Force out. Cannonball sees that the base is going to crash down at any moment and orders his team, as well as Weapon: PRIME to him. He wants to shield them with his blast field.

As the mountain explodes, Tolliver and Pico toast the demise of Cable's team as the real Domino sits to the side. His victory comes from an override he had installed in Cable's base by the fake Domino.

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