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Pop goes the pimple...

This is one weird issue I have to admit.  Part of the Silent "Nuff Said" comics, this is 22 pages of images.  The story is set in the X-Force headquarters where the team is relaxing.  Doop pops a pimple, which causes a huge whole in his end.  In this whole he reaches in as pulls himself inside out.  Now this is where the comic gets weirder.... in the inside out world of Doop all the other X-Force members are there where they have to face-off with wild and weird versions situations like a doppelganger.  By The End of the issue Doop turns himself the right way and the world is normal again as if nothing happened and the clock strikes 1 minute passed when this all started.
I am not going to lie I am still trying to figure this one out.  Which is nice I had to flip the story as may times as I have.  Being with no words the comic reads fast... maybe too fast.  I know a picture tells a 1000 words... but do those words make sense?  In this case I think it does and it is Peter Milligan's way to tell us Doop is special because his inner workings are different from ours.  Thank God for Michael Allred's art, it made this confusing comic very easy to absorb.
I do enjoy the X-Force/X-Statix stuff but this comic is a better read in trade and would feel like a waste of money in single issue format.


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