artjoker's X-Force #12 - Suicide Leper. Part 1 review

X Force is awesome!

To tell you all the truth i was a little disappointed with the previous issue about Eli Bard, i was kinda hoping that he was Wither. Oh well there's nothing I can do about it . So anyways on with the review. i was blown away by this issue! the Art by Clayton Crain is absolutely gorgeous as always. it has that dark nightmarish quality that i have come to love.lately i think the writers Kyle and Yost are doing an excellent job moving the story along. I am defenitly liking where this is going to the inevitable Messiah War the upcoming crossover with Cable and X force, and the clash with one of my favorite villans Stryfe. Anyhow not to give away to much, there are two scenes within the comic whic just blew me away two scenes ow absolute massacre, and i was left with saying Holy Shi!t. I would definitly recommend this book as a must read if your a x men fan. it's got everything, Badass manly men like Wolverine and Warpath, the pretty boy Angel, (who by the way is back to the kick ass metal wings death look), the killer female fatales Domino and X-23, and so much more! i've also enjoyed how the writers have added th vanisher into the mix as a means of comic releif. real grade A writting here. Overall this issue was just plain awesome, it left me wanting more so 5/5 stars. and i am looking forward to Messiah War!!!!


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