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Great humour!

For a dark book x-force is pretty damn funny! 
From Dom's 2 cents to X-23's 'ear-bashing' there's some great little chuckles to be had here. Which is probably good considering the dark tone of this book.  
I did get a little confused with the thought bubbles, I had to start again after a few panels to let who's 'voice' it was sink in. Still it's a minor annoyance as the art and storytelling more than make up for it. 
Some people gripe about Clayton Crain's art but I think I like it, I think it really suits the tone of the x-force book. The detail on these pages is fantastic, the scene with beast is such a detailed example with his fur and paws impressing me so much. Just wait until you get to the final spread, it's immense. 
I wasn't too hot on the wolfsbane side story, I just don't really care about her and hrimhari's little tryst. It's almost a second feature slipped in between the pages, I do understand it's leading to something in the future but  I just don't give a crap. 
Anyway so the story's intrguing, it's got a clear two issue arc here with the leper queen but it sets up a multitude of subtle sidebars. From Wolverine's thought's on Cyclops's recent actions, Bastion's master plan (Second Coming), Warpath's pursuit of Bard (Necrosha), Angel's struggle with Death (remander's x-force), Morale's pursuit of X-23 (Not Forgotten) all the while none of this interferes with my enjoyment of the book. It takes a skilled writer to do that and this book has two of them. 


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