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Mr. Sensitive and the funky bunch.

This is the introduction to the main players in Peter Milligan's and Mike Allred's X-Force/X-Static.  The new leader would be a the Mutant Formally known as Mister Sensitive.  Now known as The Orphan we are given the new leader of X-Force.
This issue is about introduction to the new team, but it is really about The Orphan.  One of the goals that it seems Peter Milligan has is to overload us with popular culture.  A lot of the team has names that sound like products or slogans like "U-Go Girl" and "Doop".  The Orphan seems a little more subtle.  

 The Fly from 1986
In the first page of X-Force #117 we see The Orphan showering and in the middle panel on the left hand side a fly is flying in front of the camera view.  The blocked captions has (1) ["Example:"]  (2) ["A Bluebottle fly's sluggish trajectory across the room creates an unpleasant vibration down my spine"]. The cloudy imagery of obscuring The Orphan a little bit sparks reminders if The David Cronenberg 1986 movie The Fly where the main character comes out of the chamber and a cloud of smoke surrounds him. In that same panel you can see similarities to a fly and The orphan, like skin texture, weird color of skin and antenna (feelers on his head). 
The Orphan would also be a complex character which feels a lot of pain without the suit Professor X designed for him. As well on the first page we see The Orphan's attempted suicide ritual in which he plays Russian Roulette with his life.
This issue would be a comic essay on good-bye.  The new team members have to say good-bye to their past life: Family, Friends, Lover.  The old fans of X-Force have to say good-bye to the old X-Force by watching them loose to this new X-Force.
Peter Milligan is stepping up the maturity in this series only after two issues with no comic code authority stamp.  This revamp of a b-list series has that old Vertigo DCU feel to it.  With Milligan, Allred and also Axel Alonso being Vertigo Alumni it just makes sense that this would be the Marvel series of its time pushing the line the furthest. 
- Silkcuts

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