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Collects : X-Men (1991) # 15 - X-Force (1991) # 17 - Uncanny X-Men (1963) # 296

X-Men 15 - Cyclops and Jean Grey continue being tormented by Stryfe (who clearly has some parental issues). Even worse, their powers have been dampened. On earth, Wolverine, Cable, and Bishop find that fleeing Department K will prove harder than they originally thought. And, the MLF finally gets taken down in Arkansas by a combined task force of X-Men, X-Factor, and X-Force. All the while, Xavier neither progresses or digresses.

X-Force 17 - Stryfe finds and defeats Apocalypse. The Dark Riders bow to him and swear allegiance to Stryfe.

Bishop and Wolverine are briefed on Graymalkin about Stryfe and the MLF and the events so far since the attempt on Xavier's life. Cable tells them about the Clan Chosen, his time traveling, and the fact that he and Stryfe are mysteriously identical.

Meanwhile, X-Force is locked up in the Danger Room. Siryn learns she was in love with one of Madrox's dupes, not the real one.

Jean Grey and Cyclops escape from the cell Stryfe had them detained in after learning he was dampening their powers.

Beast is trying to find a way to eliminate the T-O virus from Xavier when a beat up Apocalypse shows up at the X-Mansion offering his services.

U. X-Men 296 - Beast completes surgery on Professor X to remove Stryfe's bullet. Moira tells Beast she broke Stryfe's code in the T-O virus but it only says "You are smart but I am smarter" over and over. Apocalypse, detained in the X-Mansion, suggests that he can save Xavier and Archangel vouches for him.

Meanwhile, Stryfe's torture of Cyclops and Jean Grey continues. He presents them with an infant and tells them they if they destroy the child, they will destroy him as well. To Stryfe's amazement, they choose to rescue the child.

Cable uses the Professor to find Stryfe on Earth and comes to the conclusion that he's not on the planet.

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