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Tabitha watches as Sam enjoys a flight across the San Francisco night sky. Suddenly, his powers seem to fizzle out, and he plummets from the sky to the bay!

Tabitha tries to send up a timebomb flare to no avail – it appears that she too has lost her powers. Frantic to save Sam, she dives into the bay fully clothed to save him, but the harbor control beats her there.

Later, Moonstar and Warpath meet Tabitha at the hospital, confirming that their powers have also disappeared (as a result of High Evolutionary's decision in Uncanny X-Men #379 to rid the world of mutants).

With Sam comatose in the hospital, Tabitha spends most of her time walking aimlessly through San Francisco. She meets a boy name Kevin, who is repeatedly leaping off of a bench. She realizes he too had lost his powers, and roughly tells him it's for the best.

The next day on her walk Tabitha is interrupted by a young girl, who breathlessly insists, “He's gonna do something stupid.” She leads Tabitha to Kevin, who is about to leap from a water tower, egged on by his peers. Tabitha climbs up to talk to him, but he ignores her story about Sam losing his powers and getting hurt. Kevin leaps, and Tabitha just barely catches hold of him as he sails to the ground.

The issue ends with Tabitha staring up into the night sky with Sam standing beside her.

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