madeinbangladesh's X-Force #1 - Offensive Acts review

D.U.L.L. (X-Force #1)


Many people claim Remender's X-Force run was one of the best EVER. I enjoyed that run, but didn't love it. After it relaunched with a new team, I dropped that series after few issues like a lot of folks. Now X-Force is RELAUNCHED again, and it looks like I won't be reading X-Force once again.

When this title was revealed, I was quite interested. The roster seemed promising with Fantomex, Cable, Psylocke, and the new character. I was hooked on the art right away after I saw the previews. The main problem of the comic is the writing. As the title states, it is simply dull. It just dove in without an introduction. There was not even any mention of the previous X-Force runs (Uncanny & Cable). The dialogues were uninteresting to read and made barely any sense half the time. This was just not a good first issue for new or even familiar readers. Art was the only thing that I really liked, and that's why this gets 2 stars. I just love the artist's style. I haven't seen anything like it before. The colours was also great.

Usually give a new title 2-3 issues if it grabs 25% of my curiosity and attention. This managed to do nothing. I want to give it couple more issues just because of the spectacular art, but the story did nothing for me. I rather save my money for another All New Marvel NOW! comic. 5/10

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