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Collects : New Mutants (1983) # 98, 99, 100

98 - New writer Fabian Nicieza shows how the New Mutants are being pulled in different directions. Rictor wants to save Rahne, Cable wants to raise troops for war, and the remaining members just want to be a family. But, with the death of Roberto's father and the appearance of an old acquaintance, the New Mutants look ready for some big changes.

Note: This issue marks the first appearance of Deadpool and Gideon. It does not, however, mark Domino's first appearance. This Domino is actually Copycat, a shape-shifter. The real Domino is introduced in the Italian X-Force series, #7.

99 - Everything is changing. With another New Mutant down, Cable begins his search for the soldiers needed for war. Warpath seeks revenge, Feral needs protection, and a mysterious man lies on the Danger Room floor. Will they be able to answer Cable's call? With Cannonball and Boom-Boom all that's left of the team, Cable hopes so.

100 - In this issue, Shatterstar appears and fights for his life; not only against the New Mutants, but also against warriors from his home world. Feral sees an opportunity to join this team and hopefully find some protection against the Morlocks. And with Warpath and Domino already on his side, Cable sees a group worthy of fighting for the cause of humanity in the upcoming war.

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