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what affect will schism have on x factor well just curious they are a mutant team they have close ties to the x men i think  no affect at all well you opinions(maybe on m,theresa,layla and madrox ) and can some of you do a favor and comment my previous blog of the weekly news maybe if  we get enough sara will do one please with a cherry on top

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Last time, it was a Civil War.  X-Factor was against Cyclops. Since them, they fought together during the Summers Rebellion . If Cyclops was more than a Cyborg.  I think. they have some kind of friend/enemy relationship. X-Factor also went to visit the X-men in Utopia where they told Cyclps good bye and Longshoot had better time than the others. So I will think X-Factor will follow Cyclops during the split. If you keep saying no with the same tune they will never invite you to the party again. 
I had never seen a direct conection with Wolverine. Pad wrote some issues of Wolverine First Class with Multiple man in it but that's all. I think, PAD will like to write a story arc with Wolverine in mind. At this moment, the only connection is Rahne and the good X-Force mess.  It seems Wolvie is going to go agaist everyone which is not likely like X-Factor. X-Factor may be greedy but they want to stay in good terms with society.

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I hope that if they face their own personal schism that it wont be because of Rahne's baby.

That said, I mostly (but not completely) doubt that they'll be affected by Schism. They weren't involved in Manifest Destiny, the last time the X-Men disbanded ;) And PAD tendds to shy away from silly crossovers :)

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X-Factor has always been very distant from the goings of the other X-Titles, they have always done their own thing and I like them for that. I think in the long run, it will affect them somehow, but the X-Men splitting up really doesn't affect them...it didn't much affect them when they moved to Utopia, I don't see a split doing so either....unless it needed to, ya know...cause that's ultimately how it'll end up.

if Marvel wants Madrox and Company to be affected, they will find a way to make them be affected.

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@Mr. Kamikaze: maybe a member would have a personel affect like rahne
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Well Madrox really didn't like the idea of Utopia so I really doubt that he's going to follow Cyclops if he asks them to.
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@MatKrenz: why didn't he like utopia
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X-Factor exist pretty separately from the X-Men. Although their members have had ties to the X-Men, and X-related teams, in the past, their current relationships aren't that strong it seems.  The two factions seem to operate pretty much independently. X-Factor are more integrated with the MU on the whole (probably due to the fact that it's a business, after all), whereas the X-Men are pretty isolated. I wonder if there will be more interaction after the end of Schism between X-Factor and either side? 

Cyclops and Madrox do not see eye-to-eye (I'm so funny!) and I'm pretty sure Madrox would just annoy Wolverine.  

However, the division between Scott and Logan is pretty fundamental, it seems. I wonder if X-Factor's members, most importantly being mutants, will be forced to pick a side? Which is more important to the members, X-Factor as a team and its potential neutrality or the mutant race and its future? I wonder how the Schism will affect their personal relationships with other X-Characters who are forced to take a side? 
EDIT: Should a dispute within the X-Men dictate the future of the mutant race? Are the X-Men the mutant race? I don't think so. I think that whole "all mutants on Utopia are X-Men" thing Cyclops had going on up to and around the time of Second Coming is rubbish.  
Also, I really hope that when Utopia finally sinks the parasitic refugee mutants  will just break away and leave the X-Men. I'm looking at you, Toad. It may be against Xavier's and now Scott's aims of mutant camaraderie, but it'd be more realistic. I doubt gutless morons like Toad etc would now pledge an oath of allegiance to the X-Men, even if mutantkind's in peril. The only reason they're on Utopia is for protection. When the X-Men can't provide this and Utopia is gone, I can see them fleeing pretty quickly. 

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I agree with what Xerox-Kitty and John Valentine said.
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didn't you people read the blog at the end honestly

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I pretty sure X-Factor will steer clear of Schism. Its one of the main reasons I'm such a fan in the first place.
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@xerox-kitty said:

I hope that if they face their own personal schism that it wont be because of Rahne's baby.

That said, I mostly (but not completely) doubt that they'll be affected by Schism. They weren't involved in Manifest Destiny, the last time the X-Men disbanded ;) And PAD tendds to shy away from silly crossovers :)

I don't agree, because it's not a silly crossover, it's more like Dark Reign, like Decimation, it's a "temporal" change of the status quo, so I think that the stories that PAD are writing will refer a bit to the change that all the mutant universe will suffer, probably will be later on a crossover and will be partially involved (but standing aside) like they were on the Manifest Destiny or Utopia.
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I'm with everyone else on this. I think Schism will affect primarily those mutants who are on Utopia. X-Factor has problems of their own. They have great self-contained stories. No need to screw that up.

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I don't think X-Factor will have a big place in Schism because it will be mostly about Cyclops vs Wolverine while X-Factor has sort of been a third option the whole time. If they do get involved I imagine Madrox, Layla and Guido would side with Cyclops while people like Rictor, Rahne and Theresa would probably depend on which way the New Mutants head. Monet will be against Emma so if Emma is with Scott she'll head that way. Shatterstar and Longshot are really the wild cards. Shatterstar is likely to follow Rictor but who knows really?

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http://www.coolest-toys.com/201106/marvel-has-another-civil-war-with-x-men-schism.htm mentions its confirmation in the statement:  Marvel also confirms that characters from X-Factor will show up in the Schism story line, as will characters from every single X-Men book and that “events in Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Force and Wolverine all play into “Schism.”  I hope the X-Factor stays the third option the whole time like Prince IMC said. 

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my blog is working thanks for the comments everyone

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hello  what i love  about  x-factor is for the  main part is that it  isnt effectives  by most of the trash that is thrown at the xmen books.   i think that  Maddrox will do what he normally  does   find it unable to make a dection and just not make one.  perhaps  XF will be the linchpin that  will proivde the check and balance that will  keep both sides from  doing anything  silly or act as a neutral go between ? one result maybe that the rosta of XF maybe amended to include people that dont want to take a side?

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