X-FACTOR #244 resulting in Sean coming back?

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With Theresa becoming a real banshee and essentially being taken off panel, (I'm guessing her already minor role just shrank) do you think Marvel is prepping a Sean Cassidy return? The reason I was thinking this is, they have toyed with bringing him back in the past. (albeit temporarily) And having him appear in the reflections Theresa spoke to in this series, showing Sean was still somewhere close by. With the X-Men First class movie popularity and the sequel gearing up, and the exit of Theresa, do you think Marvel is bring Sean back?

I hope so, but only if they write him well. Hopefully with a power upgrade too. Sean deserved a bit more respect than how some writers wrote him. Thoughts on Sean coming back?

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Where would he fit in in Marvel NOW!?

#3 Posted by Tone702 (135 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know, I guess it was more wishful thinking on my part. Some things appeared to be pointing in that direction, but I don't know. I was thinking they would bring him back and he would try to save his daughter, but I don't know with this whole slew of things going where he would fit in.

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