X-Factor #206

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X-Factor bands together for a final stand against Trask, his SWAT-team style flunkies and their outlandish tanks.

The Good

David gives all of these characters distinct voices and I was always entertained to see how they were bantering with eachother. I especially liked Multiple Man's role as an unsure, possibly ill-suited hero and M's cold, rational acceptance of an alliance with Mordo, even though the man just drained her like a vampire (as she says.) I also have to say that the part where Trask seizes the fleeting moments he has outside of psychic dominance to end his life was chillingly effective. And that black humor gag where Mordo brusquely leaves his followers to be pulverized by the air strike was morbidly funny.

The Bad

I really wasn't feeling the art here. It looks really dull and stiff, with the inks and colors filling in a lot of detail that should've been rendered in the line work. I was lot of more mindful of the texture patterns that were inserted digitally and a lot of the poses in the spread where X-Factor finally gets together at the end really weren't popping off the page. Also, I don't know, the tone of the issue itself wasn't especially exciting - - it seemed like a pretty by-the-numbers fight between these mutants and these indistinct black ops and their big tank.

The Verdict - 3/5

I didn't really enjoy this as much as the last issue, nor as much as other tie-ins to Second Coming.  The cover promises a scene that's a lot wilder than what you get in the book. The book itself isn't bad - - there are definitely some great moments - - but it's honestly kind of drab. The teaser for the next issue, promising an encounter with Hela, looks quite interesting, though.
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I'm fine with the review rating. =]
i do appreciate reviews, but if you're an avid fan of the series and/or current cast, 
it's definitely something you'll want to either check out for yourself and/or pick it up. =]
i have personally always been a committed Shatterstar as well as Madrox fan, 
so personally I'm an obvious example of this.  X3

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All the art in the newer issues of X-Factor have been seriously bland, stiff and lifeless as far as the colors are concerned....
Nice review. Guess I'll have to skip this one.

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@LP said:
" All the art in the newer issues of X-Factor have been seriously bland, stiff and lifeless as far as the colors are concerned....  Nice review. Guess I'll have to skip this one. "
looks that way from the above picture
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well it at least it's not as bad as the art during the three-issues around the time of Darwin's introduction into the team...  >_>
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The ending of this did feel rushed other then that I have problem with this issue, now with the second coming story over X-Factor can go back to being to being the great book it was.

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I have to agree about the art; it was very flat.  It sure felt like a let down, considering the landmark moment of having the complete team together for the first time.  Plot-wise, it seemed a little predictable or re-hashed, but still more enjoyable than X-Men: Legacy which was also out this week.  I felt it wasn't a bad issue, but not a great one either.  But it did leave me wanting to read more.
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My problem with this issue and the two other two parts of the Second Coming Crossover is that they are not integrated to the true "main story". You can exchange the villains and the time and this story still work.  Why are you part of something that does not work for you?
 It's nice, the way PAD that brought the whole team together for a big battle but this is lacking depth as a story.

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