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Return Of Shatterstar

The Story:

All the members of X-Factor have been dealing with their own personal problems. Siryn delivers her baby but things only get worse. Madrox leaves the team and almost commits suicide. The rest of the team take cases from Val Cooper which don't play out like they hoped resulting in much bigger problems for the team.

My Thoughts:

I don't think I've enjoyed an X-Factor story as much as this. Finally the series has become what I imagined it being like. Peter David is on top of his game writing a very suspenseful but yet unpredictable story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The pacing is great. I felt like the story progressed very smoothly and very naturally. Nothing felt forced at all. It seemed like one thing after another kept occurring which made this really fun and exciting. 

I got to say I did not see the incident with the baby coming at all. Who would have thought when Madrox touches his child he would accidentally absorb him? A unique move that only increased friction among Madrox and Siryn just when they had finished patching things up. 

I do like the current lineup for the team a lot. The recent additions of Longshot and Darwin were excellent choices. They're two mutants who deserve more attention. The only team member I'm not fond of is Rictor. He almost serves no purpose. I'm wondering what Peter David is going to do with him. So far he hasn't done a whole lot in this series. I wouldn't mind seeing him killed honestly.

So the two big events after the childbirth are the reappearance of Layla Miller and Shatterstar. I've been waiting for Layla to come back. She drags Madrox to the future where we see a really old version of Cyclops. Again Peter David keeps surprising us with bizarre situations. Shatterstar appears and attacks Guido and Rictor but we can tell he's not himself. Something is controlling him and that's what the X-Factor team is going to begin investigating. We see a man that may appear to be controlling Shatterstar but nothing for certain is confirmed yet.

The art really flourishes within this volume. I don't think the art has ever been this good in this series up until now. I've been waiting for some better art to accommodate these stories. Valentine De Landro and Marco Santucci did an outstanding job. I wouldn't mind them staying around for a while. Everything about the art was great. 

Things are definitely picking up in this series and I'm finally excited about reading X-Factor. Up until now things have been average, but nothing extravagant happened that made you want to read X-Factor. I would recommend reading this. Not just this volume but the entire series. If you like mutants and detective-themed inspired stories then this is perfect for you. 

Rating: 5/5


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