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X-Factor Hit Las Vegas

The Story: 

The X-Factor hit the Las Vegas strip to track down a troll captured by Hela, the goddess of death who initially enlisted the X-Factor to track down an item she claimed was stolen from her. 

My Thoughts:

This series just keeps getting better! Peter David's storytelling skills really flourish in this story arc where he has multiple plot lines unfolding, each as compelling as the next. The pacing is pretty fast as things are always moving forward with plenty of shocking twists along the way. David wastes no time in resolving the Monet/Baron Mordo dilemma from the previous issues. The drama definitely doesn't stop there as David focuses on the relationship between Rictor and Shatterstar which took an unexpected turn as Rahne showed up at the most opportune moment (for readers, not Rictor and Shatterstar). It makes sense to bring Rahne back since X-Force is no more and she's not a part of newly assembled Uncanny X-Force. I know her being back is certainly going to make things interesting in the following issues.

Something I love about this series is that often times there are multiple plot lines occurring simultaneously. While the Rictor/Shatterstar/Rahne love triangle is going down, the other members are on a case which eventually leads them to Las Vegas. Once arriving there, the comedy and action pick up. Shatterstar once again has me laughing hysterically. His dialogue is just flat out funny at times. It's funny seeing how the other members respond to him. As you can see from the cover, Thor is involved in this story. That was one of my favorite things about this story arc. Seeing Thor and X-Factor team up was awesome and unexpected. 

The third storyline Peter David introduced us with was involving Monet who stayed back while everyone else went to Vegas. A woman comes to X-Factor Investigations specifically seeking Monet's talents. Monet was hesitant at first but the woman was persuasive. Later on we see the woman in a graveyard and she ended up doing something pretty shocking. Something tells me we'll be seeing her again very soon. 

The artwork is by Sebastian Fiumara (issue #207), Valentine De Landro (issue #210) and Emanuela Lupacchino (issues #208-209 and #211-212). I liked all three artists work but Emanuela Lupacchino's work stood out to me the most. Her pencils are real clean and were inked really nicely. I think she's a great fit for this series. I loved the cover for issue #209 but they made a mistake by putting Monet on it when she wasn't in Vegas with the rest of the team. Not sure what their intentions were with that one. Perhaps it just slipped everyone. 

This series is just flat out a lot of fun and just keeps getting better each issue. Peter David gives you so many things to think about while reading. The story is engaging and always has your undivided attention. Peter David knows how to write a superhero team series so well. He never neglects any of the characters and makes full use of them all which make this series a must read. 

Rating: 5/5
Posted by longbowhunter

Another fun arc. Alot of people complained using Darwin to take down Hela was a little too Dues Ex Machina, but I really liked it. I liked Lupacchino's art as well, reminded me of Terry Dodson a bit.

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