renchamp's X-Factor Annual #6 - King of Pain review

And Then It's Wasted

I'll get this off my chest at the start: I hate when heroes are confronted with impossible odds only to have something so very simple be the answer.  Proteus, the Proteus, is altering reality.  No one can stop him.  The trick that worked last time?  Nah, that's no longer effective.  This being is truly unstoppable.  But wait, the peace of death is all Proteus ever really loved?  Let's just talk him into committing suicide - but make it sound like it was his idea.  It's the perfect plan, and what was an interesting story is now just a read to finish the plot.  X-Factor did not need to be brought into this.  All they did was add to the roll call.  The story arc had been well paced, evenly distributed between each mutant force, and compelling enough to read, but this final chapter made all the wondering and concern pointless.  Too bad, too, because Fabian almost pulled it off.
The redemption in this annual for me is the end of Freedom Force.  As stated with the other issues in which "The Killing Stroke" were involved, the story is great in the sense that it makes you care about those hooligans.  You see humaneness and teamwork.  Plus, it's nice to see how this government team is finally shut down.
The final story deals with Mystique letting go of Destiny.  It's told nicely and incorporates a Beatles song perfectly.  It's not a huge "must read," but it was a good read.
All things said: I collected these annuals because I'm interested in the back stories of Cable and Siryn.  in the end, it probably wasn't worth it.

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