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The members of X-Factor must track down and defeat an enemy within their ranks. "Grand Design" is the title of the gripping story in which one of Marvel's hottest new super-teams leaps from the pages of its own regular monthly title into an annual on its own.

The X-Factor is called to Russia by the US Government to destroy a base that is using mutants as weapons. There they realize that nothing is just like were told them, as at the airport they are attacked by mutants.

The head chief of the operation is Doppelganger, an evil mutant that uses his powers to drain other mutant's powers for himself, and he is the one who has been actually taken mutants in Russia. They kidnap Iceman and Doppelganger steals his powers. Then a group of rebels mutants lead by Blind Faith steal Bobby from Doppelganger's group.

Meanwhile, the fake Iceman joins the X-Factor. The real Iceman is in a hideout with a lot of other Russian mutants that think he is working with KGB to kill all the mutants. Then after a brief introduction of Mentac, Concussion, Iron Curtain and Sibercat, they explain the real intentions of Doppelganger to Bobby and decide to help him freed his friends.

Doppelganger disguised as Iceman lead the X-Factor into a trap inside his base where he make experiments with mutants. He uses the Crimson Dynamo to battle the X-Factor. The real Iceman and the Siberforce enter the base and release all prisoners, and then help the X-Factor to defeat Doppelganger and Crimson Dynamo.

At the end Blind Faith compelled the X-Factor to blame themselves for the misunderstood and they leave Russia thinking about the Siberforce.

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