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Though this issue is another "transition" episode between major points along the X-Cutioner's Song plotline, Peter David's emphasis on character moments make this a much more engaging transition than X-Men 14.  The unique (and dark) Jae Lee pencil work makes the melee combat scenes extra taught (especially Bishop's muscles).  Cannonball's decision to help the X-Teams in their investigation into the MLF is a good one (for his maturation), though I would have liked to have seen a scene of him telling the rest of the imprisoned X-Force that he is going out on a furlough.  Wolverine is especially lucid in this issue, showing his openmindedness in listening to Cable - which is also a good decision for his character, but it strikes as a little odd, especially with his "anti-Dream" talk earlier in the crossover.  Cyclops's scene of impulsive frustration (though after hours of solitary incarceration) is a sign of his tough-as-nails personality in post-M-Day issues a decade after this storyline, but it seems a smidge out of place here.  His reaction to the realization he just optic blasted children and Jean is fitting with his character.  It is a good coupling with Stryfe's scene with Jean in the previous installment, but the episodes are too brief, especially since the crossover is now half-over.  The most interesting scene is Archangel's accident decapitation of Kamikaze.  Archangel's reaction is apropos; Boom Boom's reaction is likewise apropos for her character, and the juxtaposition of her immaturity and his maturity is remarkable - especially after all of Archangel's talk about wanting to assassinate Apocalypse.

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