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Simply Beautiful

This is a mighty fine comic book.  Can the art by Jae Lee be more perfect for the subject matter?  Each frame is fantastically dark, a lovely portrayal of how dire the Professor X situation is.  Not only that, but we've got X-Teams fighting each other.  Only Lee's murky, gritty approach could adequately show Rahne's decision to stick by her team and go against Rictor and Cannonball.  Also, the shadow play is incredibly moving.  Wolverine's one appearance is even more awesome because you don't even see his face, but you know exactly what he looks like.  Simply put, Jae Lee's art is something that I loved about this arc, yet missed after (as he seemed to drop off the face of the X-Teams earth).  
The writing in this issue is also very tactful.  I've never been too keen on the cutesy dialogue in X-Factor, but it's mirrored will with X-Force's more militaristic approach.  The fight, then, doesn't seem too far-fetched.  Usually an X-Team battle royale is the result of some lame misunderstanding; this one actually has teeth (especially since Wolfsbane gets to take on Feral).  Also, X-Force, as much as I love them, finally loses a fight.  It's annoying to see your team win every time.  This at least lets us see some fallibility.  
The X-Cutioner's Song is a very well presented arc (even if there are a few confusing plot lines) and this issue is a sterling example.


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    As has been mentioned elsewhere, a great deal of the success of this issue is the unique pencil work of Jae Lee.  For the longest time, when first reading X-Factor back in '92 when these issues came out, I could not tell why the artwork so much edgier for the issues in this crossover than the issues before and after it; it was not until much later that I realized (by looking at the credits, finally) that the penciler, Jae Lee, did his only X-Factor work on the three issues of this event.  Though...

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