dark_noldor's X-Factor #61 - X-Tinction Agenda (Part 6): Betrayal review

Number of the Beast

Though this issue is branded with Louise Simonson´s stamp of narrative style, I must admit that this is an improvement in comparison to her work in New Mutants, since there aren´t as much caption and long, boring and repetitive dialogues, instead the pace rate incresead drastically, showing lot´s of action and important turning points, from the fate of the mutant´s arrested by Cameron Hodge, to his plans unraveling in front of Genhosha´s President and the Genenginer - Jon Bogdanove isn´t a top player (imo), but you have to respect his ability to boost the scenes panel by panel, filling the gaps that the dialogues leave and great storytelling - the best thing about this issue is definitely the scenes involving Logan with a certain redheaded girl, that with Cyke´s plan to bust the Citadel - another turning point involves Alex Summers. The bad things here, and they´re related with characters background and origins, are the fact that Cable without his powers would be completely vulnerable to the virus that consumes him and that Logan without his healing factor would slowly die because of adamantium poisoning (these are thing that would be developed later I guess, nonetheless it bothered me the fact that the creative team didn´t aproached these themes)

Posted by Silkcuts

I guess comics was at an ignorant time.  I too would be bothered by continuity issues in themes.  
The cross-overs in the X books always get out of hand and quality suffers if it was not a clear voice.

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    I must step outside my least favorite creative team so as to say something positive about this issue.  (Sorry Simonson and Bogdanove, but your combination just does not do it for me.)  There were quite a few memorable scenes in this issue that must be seen.  Jean and Wolverine are such polar opposites, yet so similar in the fact that they are haunted by ghosts of memories.  Why can't they be together?  Hodge doesn't see why not, and the reader can't after this issue.  We also get to see s...

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