renchamp's X-Factor #61 - X-Tinction Agenda (Part 6): Betrayal review

Cold Revenge

I must step outside my least favorite creative team so as to say something positive about this issue.  (Sorry Simonson and Bogdanove, but your combination just does not do it for me.)  There were quite a few memorable scenes in this issue that must be seen.  Jean and Wolverine are such polar opposites, yet so similar in the fact that they are haunted by ghosts of memories.  Why can't they be together?  Hodge doesn't see why not, and the reader can't after this issue.  We also get to see some true grit (John Wayne style) from Cable as he takes on Hodge with one arm literally tied behind his back.  The scene with Cyclops and Havok finally invokes those feelings compassion that we've been hoping to get from those two since the arc started.  So, while I may harp on how lame Simonson's thought bubbles are and how weird everyone looks with the Bogdanove twist, it's still good storytelling.

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