renchamp's X-Factor #60 - X-Tinction Agenda (Part 3): Brotherhood review

Already the Weakest Link

There are three books involved in the X-Tinction Agenda and this issue marks the third. Of the three, this is the weakest. I mentioned in the other books' reviews how it was interesting that Havok was a Magistrate. Sure, seeing Cyclops have to battle his brother was epic and all, but we already knew Alex was there. This was foreseeable. Also, nothing really happened behind the Genoshan scenes that we didn't know already. We know about Hodge, we know he's been at odds with the rulers, and we know he's got things planned. We simply get more scenes discussing each of these points. In addition, the young mutant captives are still running around with Simonson's thought bubbles littering the frames. For all the action in this issue, there really isn't much happening. I will say, however, that it's nice to see the U.S. government give the okay to the mutants to retaliate (unofficially, of course). I know the arc gets better than this; this just happened to be an okay portion.

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