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It's a giant-sized 50th-issue anniversary adventure! The galaxy spanning 'Judgment War' reaches a shattering climax! Is it X-Factor's finest hour -- or the moment of it's most devastating defeat? To make matters even more frantic, what's happening to Jean Grey?

Seera, the Rejects and the Beginagains join forces with Beast, Archangel and Iceman in the Arena to fight against Lord Rask and the Chosen. Meanwhile, Cyclops and a group of Rejects and Beginagains search for Marvel Girl and their baby son. Although they find Jean, she is still not fully sane as the Phoenix force and Madelyne Pryor battle to control her mind. Cyclops and Jean move on through the city and disable the power supply to the Arena, allowing Zarkah and the remaining Reject forces to surge in to the fight. One of the Beginagains, Dykon, forces Palik to restore Archangel's eyesight, just in time for him to fight and kill the attacking Rask. Cyclops, Jean and the others show up in the Arena, and at the same time Ship shows up. Meanwhile, the final Celestial lands in the city, ready to judge the people of the planet. As Arishem, the lead Celestial stretches out his arm over the gathered people, Jean channels all their energy, together with Cyclops' eye-blast and the Phoenix force to send a massively powerful beam up that destroys his hand. Satisfied with this gesture, the Celestials leave. X-Factor fly off in their Ship, while the remaining creatures promise to work together in peace and harmony in future. As X-Factor fly home to Earth they fleeting pass the Starjammer's ship containing Professor X and Lilandra. The Professor is surprised to sense his five original X-Men, but Lilandra and Sikorsky tell him that that is impossible and that he's imagining it. They are concerned that his mental state is worsening.

Back on Earth, Apocalypse's mystery intruder turns out to Loki in disguise. Apocalypse refuses to join Loki's scheme. Loki hates humanity and thinks he could crush them on a whim. Apocalypse on the other hand has only his brutal, Darwinian survival of the fittest in mind. Caliban, Apocalypse's minion, intervenes and the two drive off Loki, who angrily threatens Apocalypse about interfering in his plans. Apocalypse informs Caliban of his new mission: to help kill the weak so the strong can survive.

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