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An 'Acts Of Vengence' tie-in. X-Factor's troubles on an alien world are nothing compared to the murderous reception awaiting them on Earth!

Archangel and Seera are held captive by Lord Rask who mocks them. He reveals that when Archangel and Iceman fight in the arena, Seera's life will be at stake if Archangel does not kill Iceman. Meanwhile, Lev takes bets on the upcoming fight, but on seeing Seera strung up on a platform she goes to Iceman to inform him. The still-amnesiac Iceman shocks her by kissing her. The Beast, Agrom and some other Rejects, make their way into the Chosen city, and find Cyclops. Cyclops and the Beast discuss what has happened to them, and devise a plan to rescue their remaining friends. Palik meets with Archangel moments before the much-talked battle is to take place, and, as part of a scheme to upset Rask, blinds Archangel with his powers so that Iceman will win. Archangel and Iceman are thrown into the Arena and the battle begins while Lev looks on. Archangel and Iceman begin their fight when suddenly the Beast, Agrom and Dykon burst into the Arena, to the horror of Rask and Palik. Rask rushes to kill Seera - but Lev saves her, frees her from the power-jamming device and knocks Rask into the Arena. Beast tries to help Iceman regain his memories. Seera uses her telepathy on Iceman and his memories rush back. Rask orders his guards to kill the Rejects, as Archangel. Iceman, Beast, Agrom and Dykon rush toward him. Meanwhile, in space, Ship decides to go to the planet and rescue X-Factor.

Back on Earth, Apocalypse monitors the strange happenings in the super-villain community, when he is visited by a mysterious figure who asks him to join forces in his Acts of Vengeance.

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