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In the heart of Inferno, X-Factor is locked in a life-and-death battle to save Cyclops' infant son! But wait till you see who they have to rescue him from!


In New York City, X-Factor fights off hordes of demons. If this isn't enough, they notice that the city itself is coming alive. While fighting, Jean struggles to keep her rapport with Cylcops' son, Nathan, going. N'astirh shows up to the fight in his new techno-organic form and boasts of his new strength. He seizes Nathan and Jean, sensing a change in the atmosphere, directs X-Factor to look above. They see N'astirh, who sends more demons down on the team. N'astirh disappears with Nathan as X-Factor is overwhelmed.

Moments later, the demons are blasted away and X-Factor looks up to see Madelyne Pryor, Nathan's mother, holding her child. (N'astirh stands in the back with Jean's demonized parents.) Cyclops is dumb-struck; he thought Madelyne had died. Madelyne scoffs and rains insult down on Cyclops, berating him for his flimsy commitment to his family. She then rains down magic lightning upon Cyclops. Jean reads Nathan's thoughts and can tell that he is scared. Jean also notices that she is unable to read Madelyne at all. Madelyne is angered that Jean would dare be inside Nathan's head and seeks to wipe X-Factor out. N'astirh intervenes, however, and sends more demons after X-Factor. He prompts Madelyne to wait on destroying X-Factor for a more appropriate time.

N'astirh leaves and Madelyne decides to kill X-Factor anyway. Nathan is fumbled and Jean attempts to grab him. She is too slow, however, and Madelyne snatches Nathan out of the air and sends two demons after Jean. Jean recognizes her parents right away and is mortified. Madelyne raves that she will sacrifice Nathan and blasts X-Factor one last time before departing. X-Factor crawls from the rubble and sees an image of Madelyne - a normal looking Madelyne - holding Nathan. X-Factor is confused, if not more so by Wolverine grabbing Jean's shoulder.

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